NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS: meaningful resolutions with BioHarmonizing

   Dec 18

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS with BioHarmonizing

The eCourse “BioHarmonizing 2014: How To Flourish And Cultivate Peace During Our Interesting Times – Mindfulness, longevity, well-being and healing in the 21st Century” offers you the tools to cultivate harmony in your life, for the benefit of all. Harmonize your values, goals, actions, etc. BioHarmonizing helps you in discovering what matters for you, in your own terms, and create your own harmonic life. Let that song you have in your heart reach the Universe! Be happy now-here, or be happy no-where!

The book “BioHarmonizing 2014″ brings you the wisdom of Neale Donald Walsch, as foreword. And the presence of Eckhart Tolle, as conclusion. In-between, the book make easier for you to empty your cup, live your life at your full potential, and be beyond narratives.

About Frank Ra – BioHarmonizing founder
Frank Ra is a Dharma instructor who facilitates the Eckhart Tolle Vancouver meetup, and is associate producer of “Milton’s Secret”, a movie based on Eckhart’s book. He wrote two best-selling books, “A course in Happiness” and “BioHarmonizing 2014″.

Frank lived “la dolce vita” in the peacefulness of his native, pristine Italian small town, where he read about spirituality, Eastern/pre-Socratic/Latin philosophy, and started to practice meditation. Then, he got bitten by the travel bug. In less than 10 years, he visited over 30 countries and 80 cities, cultivating personal/professional development living in Italy, London, USA, Malta, Estonia. Now, he lives in beautiful British Columbia. During his travels, he familiarized with different cultures and way of living. And understood we are all on the same boat, figuring out what matters for us in life and how to life happily. He noticed there is often little correlation between how “society” defines a happy life and how happy each person really feels.

BioHarmonizing eCourse syllabus

You can join the eCourse (instant access) and subscribe to the 2 monthly videos (released on the 1st day and 15th day of each month, starting February 1st 2014) and receive for free all the study material (instant download as eBook). Or you can join the eCourse (instant access) only and receive for free all the study material (instant download as eBook)

Video introduction

Frank Ra

eCourse description
Our “BioHarmonizing 2014” provides you strategies and tools to live joyful, now and here. Happiness is more about attitudes and choices, than external factors. After exploring the AmAre framework, we learn more about research – both in natural and social sciences – in the field of well-being, and how to apply it to daily life. BioHarmonizing 2014 is about cultivating happiness, together, to live happier lives, for the benefit of all beings.

eCourse learning objectives
The real learning objectives are the ones you commit to learn and put in practice. This is an overview of the ones which are likely to be shared among many students:
1.What is happiness?
2.What is the importance of AmAre? Which stands for “being” aware and accepting, meaningful and motivated, active and attentive, resilient and respectful. Plus eating properly and exercising.
3.How do you apply the course material to live joyfully, now and here?
4.How do you apply the course material to taking, and keeping, resolutions and commitments?

Required Course Text (eBook included in the course)
“A course in happiness, meaning, motivation, and well-being”, Frank Ra, 2010, ISBN 978-0557884292

Suggested reading
“BioHarmonizing”, Frank Ra, 2013, ISBN 978-1481800570

Suggested eCourse schedule (you can take the classes at your own pace)
Week 1
Introduction and Being Aware

Week 2
Being Accepting

Week 3
Being Meaningful

Week 4
Being Motivated

Week 5
Being Active

Week 6
Being Attentive

Week 7
Being Resilient

Week 8
Being Respectful

Week 9
Eating properly

Week 10

Thanks to everyone who is taking this course! Your interaction with fellow students and with the facilitator is what really makes a difference in the learning, and especially real-life application, process! Thanks to everyone who is helping in creating awareness about this course. Your help is making a difference in reaching people who want to join us!

If you want to start making a tangible change in your life, please consider sharing your time with the people who are important for you. Remember: relationships are a keystone of joyful living. Also, please consider sharing your time and, if possible, financial resources with social causes you support

BioHarmonizing and Frank Ra in the media

This a selection of media outlets who wrote about us. The list is updated monthly, if you noticed any reference which is not available in this list, please let us know. Thanks!

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Selected media-outlets which displayed our news-releases

Selected magazines which featured us
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Selected well-being and spirituality magazines which featured us

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